Phone Numbers

This section is where you manage all of your phone numbers and their behavior. Numbers are easily setup with distinct behaviors – most importantly, where they are actually going to ring. Changes made here take effect instantly – so if you need to change how a number behaves, it can easily be done here.

Distinctive Ring – Allows you to set a different ring tone for different numbers.

CNAM Prefix –  Will prefix the calling name of inbound calls to this Phone Number with an entry here. This can help users identify which number a call came in through.

Tags – A word or term can be added here that will be permanently added to the call detail record for every call that is made to this number.  Tags are useful for analytics

Extension – This is the destination the number rings to.  The destination can be either a single extension, a Group, or an IVR (menu).

SMS Extension – This is the destination to which text messages will be directed if they are sent to this number.  Destinations can be either a User or a Group

PBX Location – A number can be associated with a single location.  This specifies which location it is associated with.  A location is not mandatory.

Forward Destination – Bypass routing to extension and instead send calls to this number when Forward is checked.


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