On Call Groups

An On Call Group is used in the On Call system and creates a common calendar and workflow for a group of providers that share responsibilities for one area.  The Group can relate to a shared responsibility (practice type, location, hospital coverage, etc) which is defined by the practice or the group of providers sharing On Call responsibilities

The On Call Group is where the basic functionality of the On Call system for this group is defined.

Name – Just assign a name to this group that makes sense to anyone who will be administering or working in the Group.  For example, “Surgery”, “Dignity”, “Medical”, “Eastside”.

Extension – This will be a number that the system will use to manage call flow between the rest of your RingRx system and your On Call Group.  Its good practice to keep similar features of your service using similar extension numbers.  For example, all On Call Groups could be 2000-2010.

Minutes – this is the number minutes in between each retry the system makes to the On Call provider

Retries – this is the number of retries providers in this Group will be retried before the system stops

Shift Alarm Minutes – This is the number of minutes prior to a shift that a provider will be notified for an upcoming shift

Caller ID – this is the number that appears as the caller ID to people called when called through the On Call system

Greeting – The recorded announcement that plays when a call is routed to the On Call system, prior to collecting their phone number and message

Music on Hold – The music file that plays while the caller is on hold.  This occurs when the system keeps the patient on the line and dials the On Call provider

Mailbox – The default mailbox that all On Call messages for this On Call Group will be stored

Record Calls – Allows you to record the entire call for this Group (requires Auto Recording to be activated for the account)

Play Recording Announcement – If you record calls, this parameter will play an announcement to callers prior to recording them

Enable AMION integration – RingRx integrates with Amion to pull in shift schedules.

Tags – Words or characters can be entered here for analsys of calls that flow through this On Call Group


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