Music on Hold

RingRx offers Music on Hold on all of our plans and comes as a default setting turned on for all Accounts.  We provide 5 basic Music on Hold options, which can be changed to suit your perference. We also offer the ability for you to customize your own music and message on hold.

Default Music on Hold

Music on Hold is available as a default applicable to all features and Users.  It can also be modified on some features, including Call Queues and OnCall.  Default Music on Hold is set in Settings\Account as a dropdown.  Admin level User is required to modify this setting.

Custom Music on Hold

You can customize your own Music on Hold by recording your own audio file and selecting it in the Accoungs default Music on Hold setting described above.  This audio file is completely customizable and can include any kind of audio, including music, of course, as well as verbal audio messaging, and marketing messaging.

To create your own Custom Music or Message on Hold, follow these simple steps:

  1. Record your preferred audio recording
  2. Upload to Media Files library here (assign an intuitive name to it to facilitate step 5)
  3. Change the Music on Hold default by going to Settings\Account,
  4. Select the Music on Hold dropdown
  5. Scroll down til you find the file you uploaded
  6. Click Save at the bottom





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