Parking Lots

Parking Lots are great ways to manage calls in an office where co-workers share responsibilities or if call volume can exceed capacity at times.  A Parking Lot is basically like a common hold button.  When you put a caller into a Parking Lot, then any other extension can see that there is a call holding and they can pick it up.

These are the basic settings

Extension – Parking Lots require an Extension. You can assign any number to one. 3-6 digits.

Music on Hold – When callers are in a Parking Lot, they can hear Music or Message-on-Hold that is unique from the Account’s default music.

Time to stay in lot – The amount of time a caller is on hold in a Lot before being sent back to the extension in Extension after Timeout.

Extension after timeout – The extension the caller will be sent after they exceed the amount of time they were in the lot.


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