Mailboxes can be for a user’s voicemail, fax, and on-call group messages.

Name –The name of a solo user’s voicemail box will almost always be the user’s Name. The system will default to this.

PIN – the PIN used to access the mailbox by calling in. 4-8 digits.

Greeting – The greeting that will play to callers prior to leaving a message in the mailbox. Accepts .wav or .mp3 files, no larger than 10 MB

Email Message to – (not HIPAA compliant) enter email addresses you want voice messages to be emailed to. Multiple email addresses should be separated by a comma.

Email Notification to – Email address you want to be notified about a new voice message. Multiple email addresses should be separated by a comma.

Transcription – Enables transcription of voice messages for this mailbox.

Play Envelope – Plays date and time and Caller ID of caller prior to each message when user is checking messages when calling in.


Mailbox Sharing

Mailboxes can be shared between users.  This can be an effective way to share or supervise the work of others or help optimize workflow.  It is also a way to check and clear out messages of terminated employees prior to deleting their user.

To share a mailbox with your user, an Admin can log in to the users portal,

  1.  Go to Settings, Users
  2. Select Edit next to the user you want to add the mailbox to
  3. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the user page
  4. Select “Add User Mailbox”
  5. Select the mailbox you want to that user
  6. Save

Voice Messages in this mailbox will now be visible in your voicemail page in the portal or mobile app the next time you log in.
Messages in shared mailboxes will appear in a different color than messages in your default mailbox, which appear white. In the portal, if you hover your mouse over the mailbox, the name of the mailbox will appear in a tooltip, letting you know whose mailbox the message is in.


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