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Mobile App Security

RingRx provides enhanced security on its products and services to ensure patient information is adequately protected.

One HIPAA requirement is that all data potentially containing Protected Health Information (PHI) is adequately secured from access by un-permitted parties.  PHI includes any health information pertaining to a specific identified patient.  Any data that contains or may contain PHI on your RingRx is fully secured and encrypted by the mobile app and our backend system that hosts and stores the data.  With your RingRx service, this data includes voicemail, text, and fax messages.  Only permitted individuals who pass the authentication process will have access to this data.

Call history data is not considered PHI.  You may notice that call data on calls you make using the RingRx app may show up in the cell phone’s call history.  This is a requirement Apple imposes on the IOS platform for any communications app.  There is no way to turn this off.  But call history data is not PHI and therefore this is not a security issue in any way.  However, Users that choose to do so can delete the Call History records from these calls on your Cell Phone.  Just swipe to the left, then Delete the record.  This does not delete the voicemail message, fax message, or historical call record from the RingRx app.

One security measure available in the mobile app is (SDES Session Description Protocol Security Descriptions), which is a method of securing media transmissions.  All calls initiated on the mobile app are protected with this additional layer of audio security.

On the mobile app, some calls may display a security icon in the form of a lock indicating the transmission is secured with SDES

More information on SDES can be found here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SDES

For more information on HIPAA and RingRx security, please view our whitepaper “RingRx Whitepaper: Is Your Healthcare Practice Telecommunication System HIPAA-Compliant?”  https://ringrx.com/resources/


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