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Basic App Settings and Preferences


In general, you should not have to change any settings in the app to use it properly.  In some cases, settings can be managed to enhance your experience or overcome challenging network issues.

Incoming Calls

Push Notifications should always be enabled.  If they are turned off, your phone will not be woken up when a new call comes in


Controls, On GSM Call.

This setting defaults to Put Call on Hold.  What this means is that if you are on a RingRx call and you get a call on your cell phone (“GSM Call”), then your RingRx call will automatically be placed on hold.  If you do not like this, you can change this setting to Do Nothing.

Turning Speaker Off

By default, iPhone devices play “speaker” mode through both speakers when playing media files.  The RingRx app voicemail files are media files.  As a result, when you play your voice messages in the RingRx app, it is common for audio to be played out the speaker that is not covered by the ear.  If you would like to change this so that audio only comes out the ear piece, you have to change the speaker balance in the iPhone.  To do this, go to your iPhone Settings (not the RingRx app settings), and:

  • Scroll down to Accessibility
  • Audio/Visual
  • on Balance, move the icon all the way to the right, “R”




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