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Faxing from the Mobile App

RingRx’s mobile app works fine for faxing.  The main consideration in setting up an effective mobile faxing solution is to ensure your cell phone and document apps are configured properly.  Any drive (Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, etc) must be configured in such a way as to both permit access from the RingRx app and to make the correct files available for faxing.

RingRx fax service permits two kinds of document formats:  PDF and TIFF.  Any files of other formats will not be available for attachment to the fax form.

Sending Faxes

  1. Tap the Voicemail tab
  2. Tap the + icon in the upper right
  3. Select the Contact, or fill out the form accordingly
  4. Tap Browse.
  5. Browse to the document you want to send, and tap to select
  6. When done adding documents, tap Send

Making sure documents are available on your iPhone

  1. Make sure the correct app (Google Drive, Dropbox, or iCloud) is installed and you are logged in correctly
  2. Make sure the app is enabled to share with RingRx.
    1. Follow 1-4 above.  After tapping the RingRx Browse button, you will see a Menu from the iPhone with Browse as one of the options.  Select Browse.
    2. All available Apps that have been properly installed and are configured to be available to the RingRx app will appear in Locations.
    3. If the app you want to send from is not listed, tap the menu icon (three dots in a circle in the upper right) and tap Edit
    4. Make sure the app you want to send from is turned On
    5. If the app you want to send from is not listed, you will need to check the App settings and your iPhone settings to find out why it is not showing up here. (The window revealed at this stage is an iPhone window and is not something RingRx controls.)
    6. Tap Done in the upper right

The app should now be available and PDF & TIFF files should be accessible via the RingRx app




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