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Voicemail Greeting

Main Voicemail Greeting

How to create or change your outbound voicemail greeting

RingRx offers you three easy ways to create or change your voicemail box greeting

Record the greeting right in the Portal

RingRx user portal has a recording feature that allows you to create your own voicemail greeting right in the portal.  You do need a PC and a microphone/headphone attached to the PC.

For account admins

  1. Log into the portal and go here https://portal.ringrx.com/settings/mailboxes
  2. Select Edit next to the voicemail box you want to create a greeting on
  3. Select Record Now button next to Greeting (or Alternate Greeting, as you prefer)
  4. Select the Round Red button to start recording
  5. Select the Red Square button to stop your recording
  6. Select Save Recording button
  7. Select Save 

For users

  1. Select  MyPhone
  2. Select Record New just left of Voicemail box Greeting
  3. Select the Round Red button to start recording
  4. Select the Red Square button to stop your recording
  5. Select Save Recording button
  6. Select Save Updates

Upload From your PC/Portal

You can upload a recorded audio file to the portal on the Phone Settings page. Accepted file types are MP3 or WAV.

If you record the greeting using your native smartphone recorder app, you will likely need to convert the file from its default M4A to MP3 or WAV.

If you have a professionally recorded greeting please ensure its one of the following formats:

WAV: Stereo or Mono are supported
MP3: Stereo or Mono are supported

If you prefer, you can use our Recording Studio to ensure format compatibility

From Deskphone/App

  1. Dial *86 to check your voicemail
  2. Enter your voicemail PIN
  3. Select Option 3 to manage your greeting


Alternate Voicemail Greeting

RingRx offers an alternate voicemail greeting that can play instead of your main greeting.  You may record an alternate greeting in the portal directly or by uploading as explained above (an alternate greeting cannot be changed by dialing *86), or in the user portal in My Phone tab, here


To activate the Alternate Voicemail Greeting just select the “Use alternate greeting” checkbox.

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