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Porting a Cell Phone Number

If you are porting a number into RingRx that is currently on a cell phone plan, there are several things you should be aware of before starting the process.  Porting from a cell phone is technically no different than porting from any other phone carrier.  But the perception of the relationship of your your cell phone service and RingRx’s mobile app which uses your cell phone for its service can be a bit confusing.

Here are the most important things to understand when porting a number from a cell phone:

  • You CAN port a number from a cell phone.
  • If you do port a number from a cell phone, your cell phone service will no longer have a number – and therefore you will not be able to receive any inbound calls on your cell phone – UNLESS you get a new number from your cell phone provider to replace the one you are bringing to RingRx.  You will need contact your cell phone provider for the steps you need to accomplish this. In general, you should have a new number on your cell phone BEFORE you port the old number to RingRx
  • RingRx service and your cell phone service are totally unrelated from a phone call and texting standpoint.
  • If you are cancelling your cell phone service after your number ports to RingRx, you do not need a new phone number on your cell phone plan.
  • After your number ports from the cell phone company to RingRx, you may cancel your cell phone service – contact the cell phone company for details.  Do not cancel your cell phone service before the number ports to RingRx.
  • RingRx plays no role in cancelling your service with the cell phone company and they may or may not cancel your service when the number ports – call your cell phone company for details





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