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Quickstart Guide to Creating Your First Menu

Create your first Menu

This quickstart guide helps you create a basic Auto-Attendant with a single Menu that plays all the time.  For more complex auto-attendant needs, feel free to browse the other articles in this section.  If you need assistance, reach out to us at support@ringrx.com

Video:  Learn how to build your Menu

Watch this video to learn how to setup a basic menu in your RingRx system.


  • Design your Menu scripts.  Review menu script examples here
  • Record your greeting and upload it to the Media Library.  Instructions are here

I.  Create an Auto Attendant

  1.  Settings\Auto-Attendant, then select Add New Auto-Attendant button.
  2.  Assign a Name for this Auto-Attendant and an Extension number.  The name should be descriptive (e.g. “Main Office” or “Westside Clinic”).  For the Extension number we suggest picking a number well outside of the range of your user extensions.  E.g. if staff extensions are between 100-500, select 1000 or 2000 for your Auto-Attendant extension number.
  3. Select “Save”.  Your new Auto-Attendant is created

II.  Create your first Menu

  1.  Settings\Auto-Attendant, then select the Auto-Attendant you just created in Step II.
  2.  Select Create First Menu
  3.  Assign a name for the Menu
  4.  Assign the correct Media File for Greeting to Play (for instructions to create Media Files or Greetings, go here)
  5.  Leave the remaining parameters alone unless there is a reason to change them.  Click Save
  6.  Now add your Action Items:
    1. Select your Menu (you should now see New Action link)
    2. Select New Action
    3. Under Digits, enter the number (e.g. Push “1” or push “2”, etc) you want to create an action for
    4. Under the Action dropdown, select the Action you want for the option
    5. Save
    6. Repeat adding actions until your menu is complete

III.  Create the Schedule the Menu will play

  1.  Settings\Auto-Attendant, then select the Auto-Attendant recently created.  (You should see a “Add First Schedule” link)
  2.  Select Add First Schedule
  3.  Assign a name to the Schedule (e.g. “Office Hours”, “After Hours”, or “Always”)
  4.  Point to the Menu you want activated during this Schedule
  5.  Edit the Schedule parameters.  (Refer to Auto-Attendant Schedule Manual for details of how the Schedule works)
  6. Save

You should now have a fully functioning Auto-Attendant with one Menu that plays all the time

IV.  The final step is to point a phone number to this Auto-Attendant

  1. Go to https://portal.ringrx.com/settings/phone-numbers
  2. Find the number you want to point to the Auto-Attendant, Select Edit
  3. Select the dropdown next to Extension.
  4. Scroll down until you find the extension for the Auto-Attendant.  Auto-Attendants are labeled “IVRs”.
Place some test calls to make sure it works properly



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