Menus are the workhorses of your Auto Attendant – it is where most of the behavior of an Auto-Attendant is built.  This is where the calls are actually processed by caller’s touch-commands.  When a caller navigates to a Menu, they will hear a Prompt or a greeting (You must add a Prompt to Media files before you can create a Menu).  The Prompt will usually give callers the options they have for navigating past the Menu to where they need to go.

Menus can do many things, like transferring to an extension, playing a recorded greeting, transfer to an external phone number, and go to other menus.  The way you build functionality into a Menu is by “Actions”.  The following Actions can be assigned to a menu.

  • Transfer: Transfers the call to selected extension
  • Collect-And-Dial: Takes digit input from the user and then attempts to dial that extension.
  • Play: Plays a media file, like a greeting.  Media files are located in Settings\Media Files
  • External-Transfer: Transfers the call to a phone number that is not part of your RingRx system.  Must be 10 digit number
  • Menu-Up: Sends the caller to the menu that got them to the current menu.  If the caller is at the top menu, it just re-plays current menu
  • Menu-Top: Sends the caller to the first menu.  If this menu is the first, it just replays the current menu
  • Menu-Sub: Sends caller to the targeted Submenu
  • Exit: Terminates the menu. No other options are used

To Edit or Create a Menu,

(an Auto-Attendant must already be created to create a Menu)

  1.  Select Settings\Auto-Attendants, and select the Auto-Attendant you want to create the Menu for
  2.  Select the Menus link to edit an existing Menu or Create First Menu link if no Menu exists under that Auto-Attendant
  3.  Assign a name for the Menu
  4.  Assign the correct Media File for Greeting to Play
  5.  Leave the remaining parameters alone unless there is a reason to change them.  Click Save
  6.  Now add your Action Items:
    1. Select your Menu (you should now see New Action link)
    2. Select New Action
    3. Under Digits, enter the number (e.g. Push “1” or push “2”, etc) you want to create an action for
    4. Under the Action dropdown, select the Action you want for the option
    5. Save
    6. Repeat adding actions until your menu is complete


Next you will create a schedule that will define when this Menu will play

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