An Auto-Attendant is the top level of any organized Menu system.  Within an Auto-Attendant, you will have a single Menu or multiple Menus, as well as a Schedule that controls which Menus are active.

To access your Auto-Attendants, go to Settings\Auto-Attendants.  You must be an Admin to access this section

Auto Attendants will control all of the Menus, Sub-Menus and the times that they will play (Schedule) for any area of your company that operates under that group of menus.  A company can have more than one Auto-Attendant.  Separate Auto-Attendants could be necessary for parts of your company that have their own unique call routing requirements.  Examples include different office locations, or different functions, like a clinic where patients are seen or a billing office.  An Auto-Attendant Group is how you build out this call routing functionality at the highest level.  Think of an Auto-Attendant as a department within an organization that has its own phone number, office hours, office staff, and call routing needs.

To set up your menu system, first create an Auto-Attendant.  From Settings, select Auto-Attendant, then select Add New Auto-Attendant button.  Assign a Name for this Auto-Attendant and an Extension number.  The name should be descriptive (e.g. “Main Office” or “Westside Clinic”).  For the Extension number we suggest picking a number well outside of the range of your user extensions.  E.g. if staff extensions are between 100-500, select 1000 or 2000 for your Auto-Attendant extension number.   Select “Save”.  Your new Auto-Attendant is created

Next you will create your first Menu and your Schedule.

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