RingRx Contacts lets you add people you call, fax, or text frequently to help facilitate workflows, call backs, and improve patient experience.

Adding Contacts

Contacts can be added in the user portal under the Contacts tab.  All contacts must have a First Name and Last Name and either a Phone Number or Fax Number.  Company and Title are not required.

Contacts can either be Group or Private.  Private means only you can view and use these Contacts. Group means anyone in your organization would be able to see them.

Phone Number and Fax Number must be 10 digit (area code + 7 digit)

Using Contacts in the Mobile App

Contacts can be used in the Mobile App to make calls and to send Texts and Faxes.  The mobile app lets you use both RingRx Contacts as well as your cell phone’s contacts.  These are accessesd separately in the app, as they are listed in two different tabs.  You can manage access to your cell phone’s contacts (i.e. turn off the ability for the app to access your cell phone’s contacts) in the phone’s settings (iOS or Android settings) for the RingRx app.

Uploading Contacts

If you have Contacts already created in another application, like an EMR or a practice management solution, you can import those contacts directly into RingRx.  The information used to import must be configured properly in order for them to be imported properly.  An example import file is included on the Contacts page.

Important Note:  Information must be entered to the import file exactly as it appears in the example.  Extra blank spaces, commas and other punctuation, and any other extra characters or assets will affect the outcome of your import and must be thoroughly edited and cleaned before importing to avoid incomplete or broken imports



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