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Using RingRx Softphone in Foreign Countries

RingRx can be used Internationally or Overseas just as it does locally in the United States. This is true for all “endpoints” (i.e. types of phones), including the mobile app, the softphone, and deskphones.

RingRx is always a US based service, no matter where the User is.  So wherever you go, you will always be placing local US calls and people will be calling you on a local US number.  If you need to call a phone number in a foreign country, you will always have to use the international calling code for that county, regardless of your location.  For more information on international calling, please refer to our support article on that topic 

How does RingRx work overseas?

RingRx can be used anywhere a User has internet access, including any foreign country or location.  As long as there is no firewall, security, or other internet restrictions in that country, Users will be able to access the RingRx service from any location in the world.  The most important thing to understand is that no matter where you are, RingRx is still a US based service.  People will still contact the User using a local US phone number.  And when the User calls some one, the US-based RingRx number will appear as the caller ID.

RingRx will work overseas on the mobile app, even if the Users cell phone company does not provide service to that cell phone in the foreign country.  As long as the cell phone can connect to a wifi internet service, they can make or receive calls on RingRx.  Just keep in mind, that if you want some one in a foreign country to call you on a RingRx number, they will still have to dial the US international calling code in order to reach you – this is true even if they are in the same country you are visiting.

This is a great way to use overseas staff to help support local US office operations, or even while traveling to stay in touch with co-workers or patients (or even family and friends).

Special Internet Problems

RingRx will work just fine on any of the phones you choose to use overseas:  The mobile app, a deskphone, or our browser based softphone as long as the internet protocols are standard and do not interfere or restrict use of WebRTC.    RingRx has identified some locations that have special problems with WebRTC – most notably, the Philippines and most notably with the softphone.  The symptoms are varied, and include inability to make or receive calls, inability to register the web client, disrupted registration, and missing inbound calls.  There are no settings in the softphone that can remedy this, as its a problem with the locality’s intertet protocol infrastructure, and not the app itself.  If you are in the Philippines and experiencing problems with the softphone, contact your network administrator or IT department to find out what can be done.



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