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International Dialing

International Dialing
By default RingRx service enables all US and Canada destinations. If you need to dial outside these locations, you will need to contact support to enable international dialing.  International dialing is offered on some plans as either an included feature or as a metered option.  If its included in your in your plan, there is no cost for most international calls.  However, calls may be limited depending on location or rate.  

Dialing US & Canada
You can dial any US or canada number by 7, 10 or 11 digit.

7 digit dialing:
If you dial by 7 digits, we will presume the number you are calling is in your area code and prefix it with the areacode of your callerid.

10 digit dialing:
If you dial by 10 digits, we assume the number is a US domestic number

11 digit dialing:
If you dial by 11 digits, this is a fully formed US domestic number and we will route exactly as dialed.

International Dialing
If you have enabled international dialing, RingRx only supports dialing with the US international dialing prefix of 011.

This means

011<country code><number>

Foreign Toll Free Dialing

In general, it is not possible to dial toll free numbers in other countries with your RingRx number.  This is not due to a restriction with RingRx, but rather with the phone company in the foreign country.  Phone companies in most countries require calls to toll free numbers to originate from a valid number within the country of the toll free number.  


More Info

For more helpful tips and tricks with international dialing, check out the FCC guide for consumers here:




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