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Texting FAQ

RingRx provides customers with a convenient way to communicate with customers via text.  Below, please find answers to the most commonly asked questions about this service.

How Does Texting Work

Texting with RingRx is done by SMS (Short Message Service), which is the most common form of texting.  SMS permits text characters only and does not permit images, other than emoji characters.

RingRx messaging can be used between two RingRx Users.  Messages between two staff in the same organization is completely secure and encrypted.  Users can message each other by extension.  Messages will arrive from/to the username

RingRx texting can also be used to communicate with a mobile phone number.  Inbound messages sent to a number will be routed to the destination in that phone numbers SMS Extension.  This means that your administrator can setup many numbers that route back to one user, but that user will only be able to reply as one of them.   Texting to mobile phones is not secure, since we are not able to encrypt messages after they leave our system.

Texting can be done in the RingRx mobile app or in the Softphone, which is accessible in the User portal under My Phone

What are the limits on Texting

Texting is unlmited on the Grow and Clinic Plans

What plans include Texting?

Texting is included with the Grow and Clinic plans.  Texting is not available with the Lite Plan.

Can I send images via text?

RingRx does not support MMS, which is required to send images.  Only text characters and emojis are supported.

SMS Auto Responder

When a phone number routes directly to an end-user that user has the option of configuring auto-responses to their inbound messages as well.  When auto-responses are activated, every text you receive will generate an outbound text with the auto-response message.




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