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Specialized Dial String Commands

There are ways to setup special dial commands in Device Bindings
This type of setting is fairly complicated, so contact support if you would like some guidance.
A typical example of these commands is for entering a speed dial number with an extension built into it.  This is handy if you make calls to a particular department within a company.  For example, you wanted to call 818-555-1234, extension 1234.
This would be written in the Device Binding Argument as:
The system interprets this as:
  • Dial 8185551234
  • A = Wait for the number to answer
  • S = Wait for 3 seconds
  • 1234 = Dial 1234
The general syntax is Number = {target-number}[;ptt][;send={digit-codes}] where {target-number} can be an empty value if the number is unassigned, and {digit-codes} is a
sequence of the following case-sensitive codes:
● 0-9,*,#,a,b,c,d – The DTMF digit to send to the peer. Each digit is sent with 100 ms on and 100
ms off
● S – Pause for 3 seconds
● s – Pause for 1 seconds
● U”{prompt}” – Prompts you to enter one more digits manually on the phone with the given {prompt} shown on the screen. You then press the OK softkey to continue
● A – Wait for the called party to answer before continuing (the “answer” could be a menu answering)



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