Grandstream Gateway Setup

Setting up the Grandstream GXW gateway

First you will need the provisioning URL from RingRx support. This URL is unique to each device. Do not use a different URL or the device will take on the wrong config.

1) Login with the default credentials of

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin

2) Navigate to Maintenance > Upgrade and Provisioning

3) Change the following settings:

  • Upgrade Via: HTTPS
  • Config Server Path: Set to the value provided by RingRx support

4. Click save and apply at the bottom

5. Click Reboot

6. After the reboot, wait a few minutes, it may reboot again. At this time it is provisioned. You can verify this by logging in and instead of the default password above it will require the customer specific grandsatream password from your account portal. 

7. You can confirm its status under status > port status, when ready for service FXS1 will show as registered. No other ports will show this, but they will be ready for service if configured. 


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