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Device Purchase, Lease, Rental, and Returns

As part of your service with RingRx you may choose to use physical deskphones.  There are four ways to add phones to your RingRx account, each of which has different rights, responsibilities, and user capabilities.

Deskphone Rental

Some of RingRx plans include a deskphone as part of the service.  The deskphone is provided as part of the plan, and there is no additional cost to use the phone, other than shipping.  You may use the phone for as long as you are a customer and remain on a Plan that includes the deskphone rental.  If you change plans to one that does not include the rental, you can elect to either return the phone, or if you would like to continue using it, you can purchase or lease it.  If you choose to terminate your service, the phone must be returned in full working condition, with all parts, to RingRx.  See Return section below for details.

Deskphone Lease

Depending on your Plan, and what your needs are, you may choose to Lease phones as part of your service.  Leased phones are your to use for any User for as long as your account is active.  They must be returned in full working condition if you terminate the lease or your RingRx account.  See Return section below for details.

Deskphone Purchase

Depending on your needs, you may elect to purchase phones from RingRx, or in some cases, from another vendor.  Phones that are purchased either from RingRx or another vendor and used with RingRx do not need to be returned to RingRx if a User or your Account is cancelled.

Returning Deskphones

Deskphones that are either provided as Rentals or are Leased (within the lease term) must be returned to RingRx upon the cancellation of your account or if you want to terminate a Lease.  Failure to return Rented or Leased devices will result in charges applied to your account.  The cost of the phones is the MSRP as stated by the manufacturer of the phone if the phone is Rented.  If the phone is Leased, an adjustment is made based on how long you had the phone.  Phones should be returned within 30 days of service termination in working order with normal wear and tear.

Please return the phones (RingRx does not pay for shipping), with all parts, to:
505 Poli St, Ste 309
Ventura, CA 93001
The parts that need to be returned are as follows:
  • Phone base
  • Phone stand
  • Handset
  • Phone cord between handset and base
  • 5′-6′ Network cable

If you have any questions, contact RingRx support at support@ringrx.com

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