Solo Provider Overview


As a solo provider, the RingRx mobile app will be very useful for you, and depending on your particular needs, you may not even need a conventional deskphone.  You simply download the app to your iPhone or Android and sign in and start making and receiving calls, texts and faxes.

As part of your service you will have a phone number. When some one calls your RingRx phone number, the RingRx app will ring.

You can answer it right on the RingRx app or if you miss or decline the call it will be directed to your secure RingRx voicemail box. This is how your business calls are kept completely separate from your personal cell phone.

Similarly, if you make an outbound call using the RingRx app, your patients will see your business phone number as the Caller ID and not your cell phone number.

You can easily access your voicemail messages from within the mobile app where you can conveniently play or read the transcribed messages.

The app also lets you send texts or faxes right from your cell phone and of course patients will only see the RingRx numbers associated with your business.

RingRx has a number of other features that can customize your account like ring groups, menus, conference rooms, call recording, and much more.  Utilizing these features is entirely up to you and what your needs are.  But they are all available to you in any of our three main plans.

You can try our service out, with all of these features during our 14 day Free Trial.  To continue your trial you can add a credit card to your account anytime in our Billing section.  You will still get all 14 days of your trial and we will not bill you til your trial is over


RingRx is a monthly subscription, meaning you only pay for the services you want on a month-to-month basis.  There are no long term contracts and you can cancel anytime and move your number to a new company if you wish.

Network (how RingRx provides service to you)

No matter how you use RingRx, whether its on a deskphone or a mobile app, in an office or on the road, it is always accessed by the internet to make or receive phone calls, texts and faxes. The app will therefore need either a reliable cellular data connection or suitable wifi connection in your office or any other location you will be talking on the phone.


As a healthcare provider, security is always a critical consideration in the solutions you use as part of your practice. RingRx’s security provides you with the peace of mind to ensure that your patient’s information is kept confidential and private. We use enterprise grade encryption that meets HIPAA requirements and we sign a BAA when you start service.

You can learn more about our HIPAA compliance in this whitepaper


When you are ready to switch, if you have an established phone number with another company, you can bring it over to RingRx. This is a very common issue we encounter and we can easily bring any number over to our service. This process is called porting, and while its a routine part of changing services, it can take a week or two to complete. But don’t worry as your service will never be interrupted during the process and we can help guide you to ensure a most seamless transition.  You can learn more about porting here




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