Can I pick my number?

Your RingRx Number

When you sign up for a new account at RingRx, we automatically assign a “temporary” number for you to use during your trial.  You can use this for as long as you want.  You can use it just for the trial, or you can keep it indefinitely when you continue your service.

Once you start a paid account, this number becomes your property and you may keep it forever.

You may not port your RingRx trial number out of our service until you have setup a paid account.  We do not charge to port out.

How we Pick Your Number

When you start your trial, we will obtain a number in your area code (or the area code you prefer) and your town city, if numbers are available.  If numbers are not available in your town or city, we try to get one as close as possible.  Sometimes, the area code you prefer is not available.  We will always contact you to find a suitable alternative.

Picking Your Own Number

Unfortunately we do not have the kind of number inventory that would let you pick a specific number or a vanity number.   There are services that you can use to do this.  We recommend Number Barn.  If you do obtain a number barn, you can easily port it over to our service.


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