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What does the Free Trial include?

RingRx’s Free Trial is designed to let anyone interested kick our tires to make sure we have the features and performance you are looking for.  We genuinely want you to be happy with our service and expect nothing less than to provide you with an opportunity to do so without any expense to you.  During the trial, you should install the app, setup some special features you are interested, make some calls, ask some questions to our support team.  You should also log into our portal and take a look around to see what is available to you.  Then when you are comfortable, you can sign up for a live account.  If there are any days remaining in your trial, we will not bill you til the end date of your trial.

The Free Trial includes the following:

  • 14 days unlimited inbound outbound calling
  • Up to 3 users
  • Menu/Auto-Attendant
  • Voicemail box for each user
  • Trial phone number for each user (plus fax number for each user on the Grow plan)
  • Texting (for Grow plan)
  • Faxing (for Grow plan)

What the Free Trial does not include

  • Deskphones – if you want deskphones, you can convert to a paid account and we will still let you have the remainder of the 30 days free.
  • International calling (this can be added after you setup a paid account)
  • Toll free number (this can be added after you setup a paid account)

Other important information:

  • When you continue to a subscription, you will keep your trial phone and fax number unless you want to change it for some reason.
  • You do not own any phone numbers we provide to you until you setup a paid subscription
  • You cannot port any numbers away from RingRx while you are in a trial.



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