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On Call Greeting Script

The On Call System works in conjunction with your auto-attendant, if you use one, to route calls automatically to an on-call provider.  A diagram of the system looks something like this:

On Call Script and System Diagram

After your caller routes through your auto-attendant, they will be directed to the On-Call system if they select whatever prompts that direct them there.  The On Call system will collect their phone number and a message before relaying it to the on-call provider.  In general, it is best to have a recorded greeting letting the caller know what is going to happen so they are prepared to leave the correct information and stay on the line, if applicable.  We suggest a greeting with a script, something like this:


“You have reached the after hours emergency line of XYZ clinic.  This line is for urgent after hours calls only. If you have an urgent matter, listen closely to the instructions and stay on the line to be connected to the on-call provider”.

Follow the instructions here to create your greeting in the Media Files library https://support.ringrx.com/knowledge-base/greetings-and-prompts/


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