On Call Profile

RingRx On Call works by coordinating a calendar schedule with the provider’s preferences on how they want to be reached in order to route patient calls efficiently.  The provider’s preferences are called the On Call Profile.  Providers can set their profile so that they are reached on the right device at that time.  Profiles work by creating rules that can be configured to route callers the preferred way at any given time of the week.

Providers can set their profile in the user portal under the My Phone tab in the On Call Settings sub-tab.

Create a Profile

  1. Go to https://portal.ringrx.com/my-phone/on-call-settings
  2. Select “Add Rule” in the “How to Contact Me” section
  3. Assign a name to the Rule.  Consider something that makes sense to you like “Always” or “Weeknights”
  4. Select which weekdays the rule will apply to
  5. Select the Start and End times of the rule
  6. Select how you would like to be reached (descriptions of the options are below)
  7. Select how you would like the caller to be handled (descriptions below)
  8. Save

You should create as many rules as necessary so that you have a rule every minute of every day of a typical 7 day week.  Besides the time and days of your profile, the two most important settings are what device to contact you on (Contact Options) and how to handle the caller (Caller Handling options).  These are discussed below:

Contact Options

Contact options are part of a user’s profile and can be set as a standard user behavior and separately as an on-call specific behavior.  In other words, regular office calls can come in to the user’s extension one way, and on-call calls can come in a different way.  The User settings for this parameter are defined in detail as “Forward Behavior” in the Settings section of our support knowledgebase.    RingRx can either send calls to your extension or to an alternate 10 digit phone number

Ring My Phone – This setting will send calls to your extension.  This would be either a deskphone assigned to you or a mobile app or RingRx Softphone

Simultaneous Ring – Will ring your extension as well as the 10 digit number entered in Mobile field (in My Phone\Phone Settings)

Sequential – Will ring your extension first for the number of Timeout seconds (can be modified in My Phone\Phone Settings) then the number listed in Mobile for the number of Timeout seconds before going to your RingRx voicemail

Forward – Will send all calls directly to the number listed in Mobile (My Phone\Phone Settings)

Caller Handling Options

Caller Handling options deal with how the callers are handled when this specific provider is on-call.  This allows providers to fine tune how calls are presented to them at different times of the day or week, thus optimizing the experience for the provider and the patient.  There are two options:

  1. Patch Caller – this option keeps the caller on the line for the first attempt to reach the on-call provider.  The provider will still hear the callers message and will have the option to accept the call live or reject it.  If the provider rejects the live hand-off, the caller will be told that “the on-call provider was on another line and their call will be returned shortly”.   Similarly, if the on-call provider is not reached on the first attempt, the caller will be told that the on-call provider will return their call
  2. Relay Message – this option will take a message from the caller, then advise them their call will be returned by an on-call provider.  The call is terminated.  RingRx will then attempt to contact the on-call provider and relay the message.



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