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How do I send or receive a fax?

RingRx offers both web-based and machine-based faxing. For assistance with machine-based faxing, contact your system administrator or support@ringrx.com

To send a fax, log in to our Online Portal, select Messages & Faxes at the top, then select Send Fax .

You will see a form with basic contact information for the recipient on the right. Fill out the recipient information, including the fax number, the recipients name, and company. You have options to “Save Contact” to facilitate future faxing. You may also select “Include Cover Page”. If so, you may add a Subject, and a Comment to make it clear to the recipient.

Select Choose File and upload a PDF or TIFF file, then select Send.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • You can create contacts of people you routinely fax to. These are located in Contacts tab.
  • Future faxing to an existing Contact can be expedited by selecting Contacts button in the Fax form
  • You do not have to fill out a cover page.
  • Cover pages have a HIPAA security disclaimer.
  • You may attach any document you want to fax as long as its a PDF or TIFF format
  • After you Send the fax, the transmission will appear in Outbox during while it is in process of sending.
  • Faxes with several pages and high resolution documents can take some time.
  • After the fax is completely sent, it will appear in the Sent folder



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