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Fax Message Storage and Retention

How long are Fax messages retained in a RingRx voice mailbox?

Fax messages are stored and retained according to two parameters:  size and age.

Each mailbox (whether fax or voice or combined) has a default storage capacity of 100MB.  (A one minute voice message is approximately one MB and fax messages vary by page count).  Messages that count toward the Quota include:

  • New unread messages
  • Viewed messages still in Inbox
  • Messages in Trash

Messages will be saved and not deleted until you reach your mailbox Quota.  Once the Quota is reached, we will delete messages, starting with the oldest.  Even after deleting a message, it will stay in Trash for 30 days, where it will be recoverable if needed.

After 30 days it is permanently deleted

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