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Text Campaign Registration Use Cases

When registering your account to be able to send text messages to cell phone numbers, the cell phone carriers require you to tell them how you intend to use texting.  This section contains the Campaign Registry official definitions for these Use Cases.  Definitions are fairly technical and most do not apply to our customers.  (The Campaign Registry was put together very hastily and they provided no support until finally releasing the form and definitions at the last minute).  Our current understanding of Use Cases is that almost all of our customers will be Standard Campaign type campaign.  Special Campaign type requires special approval from cell phone carriers.

What are Use-Cases?

The Use-Case describes the specific purpose of the Campaign.

What are Standard Campaign Types?

Standard Use-Cases are generally available to TCR-registered Brands, meaning that approval for a Campaign will most probably not require pre- or post-registration approval from the MNOs.

What are Special Campaign Types?

Special Use-Cases are sensitive or critical in nature and, as a result, may require pre- or post-registration approval by the MNOs. Vetting or MNO approval may be required before a Brand can register Special Use-Case Campaigns.


Low Volume Mixed– Small throughput, any combination of use-cases. Examples include: test, demo accounts.  This is the most likely campaign type for RingRx customers with solo, small, and medium sized companies.  The Campaign Registry fee for this campaign is $2 per month

Customer Care– All customer interaction, including account management and customer support.  This may be used for some customers who use texting for customer support for explicit and well defined purposes (e.g. a support desk).  The Campaign Registry fee for this campaign is $10 per month

Other much less common ones include (all of these have a fee of $10 per month):

2FA– Any authentication, verification, or one-time passcode.
Account Notifications;- Standard notifications for account holders, relating to and being about an account.
Delivery Notifications– Information about the status of the delivery of a product or service.
Fraud Alert Messaging– Messaging regarding potential fraudulent activity on an account.
Higher Education– Campaigns created on behalf of Colleges or Universities. It also includes School Districts and education institutions that fall outside of any “free to the consumer” messaging model
Marketing– Any communication with marketing and/or promotional content.
Mixed– Any undeclared combination of use-cases.
Polling and voting– Requests for surveys and voting for non political arenas
Public Service Announcement– An informational message that is meant to raise the audience’s awareness about an important issue
Security Alert – A notification that the security of a system, either software or hardware, has been compromised in some way and there is an action you need to take


Carrier Exemptions – Exemption by Carrier
Charity – Communications from a registered charity aimed at providing help and raising money for those in need. Includes: 5013C Charity. Does not include: Religious organizations.
Conversational Messaging – Peer-to-peer app-based group messaging with proxy/pooled numbers. Supporting personalized services and non-exposure of personal numbers for enterprise or A2P communications.
Emergency – Notification services designed to support public safety / health during natural disasters, armed conflicts, pandemics and other national or regional emergencies.
Sweepstakes – All sweepstakes messaging.
Political  (Election Campaigns)- Part of organized effort to influence decision making of specific group. Only available to 501(c)(4/5/6) and Orgs with a Campaign Verify token.
Social – Communication within or between closed communities. (For example: influencers’ alerts)
Sole Proprietor – Limited to entities without a EIN / Tax ID
Platform Free Trial – Large CSP Trial Offers with strict controls and MNO audit rights (MO opt in)
Agents and Franchises – Agents; franchises; local branches ! Post-registration approval by MNO is required for this Use Case


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