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Outreach Overview

RingRx Outreach is a powerful and flexible way to automate patient and client reminders, promotions and communications through Voice, SMS and Email.  The Outreach system consists of two basic elements, Outreach Profiles and Outreach Events

Outreach Profiles

A Profile spells out the methods (phone call, text, or email) of reaching out to your patients and the details on how the campaign will be conducted.  What message will be delivered, i.e.: An appointment reminder. What is said on the call, text or email.  When are we allowed to send calls or SMS messages, etc.  How should responses from the patients be collected and handled.   Who gets notified as a result of the event, and what caller ID to use.  You can learn how to setup your first Profile here

Outreach Profiles

Outreach Events

An Outreach Event is one action that will be taken under a profile.  For example, a phone call that is made to a patient to remind them of an appointment. You can learn how to setup Events here

Outreach Event


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