Outreach Event

An outreach event is a single appointment or event and occurs only once. This tells the system who is to be contacted and how they will be contacted.  Events work along with a Profile to send that Event correct messages.

You can create single events one at a time, or if you have multiple events you can upload or import them in a CSV file.

Import Events

To import events, first download the sample file on the Main Outreach page.  Enter event information into the file while ensuring content matches required settings exactly.

Individual Events

Name – This is the name of the event. Typically this is the patient/clients name and becomes an available for use as a token.

Outreach Profile – Which profile to use. What message should be delivered to the person, according to what rules.

Event Date and Time – When is the event we are notifying the client/patient of. This also serves as a guideline for when the profile will begin trying to contact them.

Phone Number – What phone number are we trying to notify for calls/sms

Email – What email address should email notifications be sent to

Voice, SMS, Email – These check boxes tell the system which methods are valid for contacting this person.

  • You can check more than one
  • IF Voice or SMS are checked, you MUST enter a phone number
  • If Email is checked, you MUST enter an email address

Call State, SMS State, Email State – The information in this section lets you see the states of each of the methods of communication for this Event.

Confirmation Status – The information here lets you know the attempts that were made and whether the recipient confirmed, cancelled or did not respond.

Event Logs – these logs show you all the communications attempts that have been made for this Event






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