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Updating Firmware for Polycom VVX Phones


In general we do not support or configure phones we do not supply. This is mostly because our security requirements require very specific firmware and hardware models. The process for updating generic, off-the-shelf phones takes some time and technical knowledge and doing this remotely is not possible. It can only be done locally.  For more details, please see our support article about this issue here

Can we use our current deskphones?

If you choose to purchase your own Polycom VVX phones and want to upgrade firmware on your own view the instructions below.  Please be advised, this is for information only and RingRx cannot guarantee it will work for you in your case and because of changing hardware and firmware requirements, is correct at the time of your upgrade. This information is presented only to assist you. Unfortunately we cannot assume any responsibility or liability for any upgrades or changes you make to your device.  We strongly encourage you to consult the company you bought the phone from for any other advice or assistance regarding the upgrade.

Upgrading Firmware for VVX line Polycoms to Obi Firmware

Note:  These instructions only work on phones that have never been installed at another service provider and that have the correct UC firmware.  If the instructions do not work, contact the place of purchase for assistance. 

To be able to manually update a Poly VVX phone to OBi Edition firmware we recommend firmware version: or earlier, Minimum supported version is

Plug in phone to network cable with good network connection

  • Press Home button
  • Go to Settings\Status\Network\TCP/IP Parameters
  • Write down the number in IPv4 address.  It should look something like:

Log in to the phone’s settings from a web browser

Open a web browser

  • Enter https://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx where the x’s are the ip address obtained above.
  • Log in as Admin
  • Password = 456
  • Select Utilities
  • Select Software Upgrade
  • Change server type to Custom Server
  • In Custom Server address, enter the following: https://www.obitalk.com/VVX-OE/
  • Select Check for Updates button
  • The dropdown next to Software available at custom server should show the firmware versions available, for example:

“” or “”  (per above, is minimum required)

  • Select Install
  • You will get a confirmation button, select Yes to apply
  • You will get a License Agreement, select Accept
  • You will get an Info popup that lets you know the phone will reboot.  Select OK.  
  • The phone will reboot and install the software and it will take 5-10 minutes
  • Let the phone complete the process.  When its complete you will see a new background on the phone’s screen