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RingRx Video Conference

RingRx video is a new feature that Users can access for any kind of video communications including remote appointments, telemedicine, follow ups, general business, etc.  It is a secure and easy to use solution with features and reliability that compare favorably to other products on the market.  RingRx uses a special technology that allows both the customer and guest to access the conference using web browser, with no application to download and install.  This makes it much easier for patients to connect, and eliminates an important cause of frustration of delays while the guest installs or updates their application, or has problems with their own PC.  With RingRx video, if they have a functional modern browser, it should work fine.

How to Use

You and your visitors can access a video meeting simply by going to a website address (aka “URL”).  There is no need for either the RingRx User or a visitor to install an app.  This unique feature of the RingRx Video platform is a substantial difference to most other platforms that require all parties to download, install and routinely update the app.

Once you enter the web address (the address is provided to you in the RingRx portal) you will be prompted to enter the meeting by entering some validating information prior to joining.  First, you or the visitor will select whether they are a Host/Provider or Guest/Patient.  Then some basic information is requested, like name, email address and password if relevant, and then you can join the conference.

To initiate a video conference:

  • Obtain the video link by logging into the web portal here https://portal.ringrx.com/login
  • Then select the Conference tab https://portal.ringrx.com/conference
  • Select Get Info on the Conference Room you want to use
  • You will see two tabs for access details.
    • One for Participants – this info you will provide to your conference Guests
    • One for Moderators – this is information you will use if you are a Moderator
  • Copy the link by highlighting the URL in From Web line.  Share that with your Guests for a video call.
  • Dial-in information is available for Audio Conference If you want to provide that option to guests.

When either a Moderator or Visitor navigates to the link above, they will be prompted for User information.  A Moderator must enter their email address and password associated with their RingRx User account.

Managing a call

Once a Moderator or Visitor have entered the sign-in credentials, you will see a screen that lets you test camera, speaker and microphone.  All of the toggles on that page must be turned to ON and you must give our app permission to use necessary devices.  If everything checks out, select the Start Now button.  This will start the conference.  At this point, the Moderator will be in the conference room and any Guests may join.  Guests that joined prior to the moderator will be held in the room and will not be able to see or talk to other Guests until a Moderator joins.

Once you are logged in, you will see controls on the right side of the screen:

  • Settings gives you control of your audio and video devices, and lets you enable a local preview of yourself
  • Roster lets you see who is attending the conference and gives you some controls over their experience
    • Mute – mutes their audio in the conference – so nobody in the conference will hear them when they are Muted
    • Deaf – this turns their audio off so they cannot hear others in the conference
    • Block Video – turns the participant’s video camera off so no other attendees can see them
    • Blind – turns off all participants video off so the one participant cannot see anyone else
    • Kick – removes the participant from the conference
  • Chat opens a window that lets you type messaegs to the group
  • End call will end the conference – if you are the moderator, it ends it for everyone.  If you are a participant, it just lets you leave the conference
  • Mute lets you mute yourself
  • Block Video will block your own video so other participants will not see you
  • Lock will prevent any other participants from joining the conference
  • Fullscreen maximizes the conference in your browser
  • Start Share Screen lets you show your screen to other participants