How does RingRx work?

RingRx is a full-featured enterprise-class communications solution.  This means it works just as well for solo practitioners as it does for large multi-location clinics and hospitals.  Even with a single provider or small office, you get all the same benefits and features of a big company.

  • Our service works either with conventional deskphones or a mobile app.  During the trial, you will use our service through the mobile app.
  • The mobile app installs on your smart phone.
  • Your service comes along with a phone number (we either get you a new one or we can bring an existing one over from another company).
  • When some one calls your number, the RingRx app will ring and you will answer the call on our app.
  • If you miss the call, the caller will go to your RingRx voicemail.
  • This will be different from your cell phone voice mail
  • When you call some one from the RingRx app, your business phone number will be displayed as your caller ID

After you are satisfied with the service, you can sign up permanently anytime.  If you would like deskphones, we can ship them out to you after your account has been fully setup.

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