There are lots of options of headsets on the market.  Your options will depend substantially on which models of deskphones you use.  Most of the base models of phones have limited WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities, so make sure you have the resources on your phone before buying.

Our most commonly recommended headsets are:


Plantronics Voyager – https://www.plantronics.com/us/en/product/voyager-5200-uc


Simple Corded

Blackwire – https://www.plantronics.com/us/en/product/blackwire-3200


Corded base, cordless headset



Limitations due to WiFi and Bluetooth

First, make sure the deskphone you need the headset for has the available capability for your desired connection.  Many models of phones do not come with WiFi or Bluetooth enabled.  To enable these services, you will need a USB adapter.  Some phones have only one USB adapter port, so if you are using it for WiFi, then your options for headsets will be limited to either a corded headset, or one that supplies its own Bluetooth or Dect wireless connection.  Before you purchase any headset, just make sure your phone has the necessary connections available.


Plantronics is the gold standard for headsets and we generally stick to recommending them. This is mostly because of the quality and because Plantronics owns Polycom, the brand of phone we primarily provide with our services. Plantronics bought Polycom, which had previously bought Obihai which is the manufacturer for some of the models we offer.  There are lots of other headset manufacturers out there that would likely work fine, but we don’t have solid recommendations outside of Plantronics.  If you do buy another manufacturer, just make sure it will integrate the way you want (Bluetooth, Dect, corded, wireless, etc) and that the product you buy has all the pieces – if you need a USB adapter, make sure it comes with the model you buy.


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