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e911 Location Failure Surcharge

As part of your service with RingRx, you, as a customer, are able to call 911 if you have an emergency. That call will be handled by a 911 operator who will dispatch emergency services using normal protocols. The FCC requires that we provide this service to you and, given our position as a telecommunication provider to healthcare, we have built best-of-class e911 (“e” stands for Enhanced”) call handling. You can learn more about 911 here.

In order for 911 call handling to work properly, the 911 framework requires us to provide automated location information, in the form of a physical address, built into the meta data of the call you are initiating. In other words, when you all 911, your location is provided to the operator automatically. This makes dispatching to correct location much faster and more reliable. Of course since so much telecommunications is highly mobile these days, 911 operators will always attempt to confirm address location prior to dispatch. However, since so much is at stake, we are required to provide address location to 911 on every call initiated from one of our customers. Because of this, it is important that you provide us with the most likely address you will be using your RingRx service so that we can provide this information to 911. If you do not provide this information to us, and then you do place a call to 911, the 911 services will impose substantial penalty fees on RingRx for noncompliance.

While we do not require you to provide us with a physical location for your service, we will be required to apply a surcharge on your monthly bill to compensate for costs we expect to incur as a result of non-compliant 911 calls.

If you see this charge, and you would like to update your location, you can do that by going to the RingRx web portal and changing your address in Location, in Settings\Locations

  • Select Edit next to the Location you want to update
  • Make the necessary changes
  • Confirm the phone number you want associated with the Location
  • Select Save

If you have any questions, please contact RingRx support by emailing us at support@ringrx.com