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Customer Support Disclaimer


RingRx takes pride in delivering the best and fastest support in the industry.  The healthcare community deserves this dedication!  However, you should be aware of some limitations in our  support:


  • RingRx has designed its user portal to give you all the tools you need to manage your service.  Most changes and updates can be done by by our customers.
  • We provide substantial online support resources to assist customers in managing their own accounts.
  • Any customization or changes we assist you with is done to the best of our ability and at your request only.
  • It is our customer’s responsibility to conduct tests by placing test calls, texts or faxes, after any changes are made, whether its by RingRx or yourself, to ensure the service is working the way you expect
  • We assume no liability or responsibility for any changes, whether done by us or yourself and any error arises. Its imperative that customer test the service after changes are made and report problems immediately.

For more details, review our Terms of Service



  • RingRx support or billing team is not able to assist you in changing your credit card on file.  For security purposes this must be done by you in the RingRx user portal.
  • Any changes to Account ownership or payment method is entirely the responsibility of the customer.  We can assist with some aspects of transferring Account ownership, but any changes to billing is something we cannot assist with.  In any event, our involvement is limited to accommodating your requests.
  • If your card is on an Account and you are leaving that Account, it is your responsibility to remove the card.  We can assist with the removal of a card at the request of the Account administrator.  The request must be made explicitly to our billing department with reference to the account holders name, address and last four digits of the credit card.
  • Any charges relating to account changes are the responsibility of the cardholder.  RingRx makes no warranties for inappropriate charges on the account.

For more details, review our Terms of Service