Conference Room

A RingRx Conference Room is a great way to manage frequent audio conferences where multiple people can be invited.  Guests will dial a phone number, then enter a 9 digit code for your Conference Room.  Moderators are optional and have privileges to regulate attendance and conference start and end.

Conference Modes

Basic conferencing

  • Audio conferencing only
  • Maximum room duration of 2 hours
  • Maximum room size is 10 people

Advanced (Expected 2023)

  • Advanced conferencing adds a new dimension with Video
  • Maximum room duration of 12 hours
  • Maximum room size is 100 people
  • Conference Recording – Recording of conferencing can be enabled on a per-room basis if recording is enabled at the account level.

Conference Parameters

Name -The name of the conference room

Extension – This is the dial-able extension of the room

Short Name – The room can be dialed by shortname from clients as well but this is how the room is referenced from various interfaces.

Tags – One or more tags (separated by spaces) that will go onto the call record of any call to this number.  Tags are cumulative.

Music On Hold -Music that attendees will hear before a moderator has joined to unlock the room

Mode – The operating mode of the conference room

  • Basic – Supports audio only conferencing
  • Advanced – Supports Audio and Video Conferencing

Moderator Pin – Pin code for a moderator to identify themselves with during login from a phone number

Max Participants – Maximum number of users in the room

Max Duration – Maximum duration of a single conference in seconds

Public Access – Enables accessing this room through public dial-in numbers, web and direct sip clients

Email mod on Participant – Emails all moderators when a participant enters the room with no moderator present

Message mod on Participant – Sends an SMS to all moderators when a participant enters the room with no moderator present

Moderators – Add one or more users as room moderators.




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