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Cancelling your service

If you choose to cancel your service, we are sorry to see you go.  It is a pleasure working with healthcare companies, but understand some services are not right for everyone and that things change in your company.  If there are any issues that we can help with, please do not hesitate to reach out to us anytime during your service.

To cancel your service, it is imperative that you ensure any numbers you want to keep are ported away from RingRx prior to termination of your service with RingRx.  This includes all numbers used for calls, texts, and faxes, or any other service you use numbers with.  The porting process will be handled by your new service provider.

You may specify a future date for your cancellation so it happens on the date you desire.

To cancel your service go here to complete the request:

RingRx Service Cancellation







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