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Can we use our current deskphones?

RingRx’s philosophy is to offer the highest quality deskphones and ATAs, with the highest security, at the most competitive prices. We are so determined to give you the best audio experience, we only interface with select manufacturers and models. It is also why we include the price of deskphones with our service (select plans only).

RingRx Phone and ATA Models

  • Polycom VVX Models 150, 250, 350, 450, Obihai Edition 
  • Polycom VVX D23o portable
  • Yealink W52P/56P portable
  • Obihai 1022, 1032, 1062
  • Obihai 2000 
  • Polycom Soundstation 5000, and 6000  (these are being replaced by the Polycom Trio line)
  • Polycom Trio 8300, 8500, 8800
  • Polycom Obi200, Obi300 and Obi302 ATAs

Information on Polycom devices can be found on their website here:

  • Deskphones  https://www.polycom.com/voice-conferencing-solutions/desktop-ip-phones.html
  • Conference phones  https://www.polycom.com/voice-conferencing-solutions/conference-phones.html

Bringing your own phone

We strongly advise against purchasing your own phone, even if we manage it for you.  The possibility of you buying the wrong model inadvertently is high, and the amount of setup time that may be required on your part is a burden most of us would rather avoid.

However, if you already have an approved phone and would like to bring your own phone to use with our service and be managed by us, it must meet the following criteria:

  • be on the list above, and
  • have the right firmware (Polycom devices MUST have Obihai Edition software on the devices), and
  • allow us to manage the device on the Polycom Management Device System (PMDS) 

If your device does not meet these criteria, then we will be unable to manage it for you.  If you are planning on buying your own phones, we strongly suggest asking us to confirm you are buying an approved model prior to purchase.

What if I want to buy a model that is not on this list?

We strongly recommend against using any phones that are not on the list above.  We have selected the highest quality phones, vetted their security requirements, and built our platform around the specs of these devices.  If you want to use a device that is not a model that we support, then please be aware of the following:

  • we are not able to assist you in setting the devices up,
  • we are not able to troubleshoot any problems that may arise with the phones,
  • we are not able to guaranty any security associated with the use of the device,
  • your BAA with us will be invalidated (due to the security uncertainties of unapproved devices)

Also, we do not maintain any instructions on how to setup various devices.  There are so many instructions, standards and protocols, we simply are not able to maintain guidelines on every model.  Our user portal has information that you may use for this purpose.  If you need information that you do not find in the portal, feel free to submit a request for information to our support team.  Please be specific as to what your needs are when making such a request.

Can I use an analog phone?

It is possible to use an analog phone, but you lose a substantial amount of features that you would otherwise get.  Analog phones are just not built for the modern features of an internet based phone system.  Also, you will need a converter (an “ATA”), which costs about $65 per phone (one time charge).  In some cases, Analog phones are fine for limited use purposes like exam rooms, staff break rooms, lobbies, and patient waiting rooms.  We also advise them for patient rooms in hospitals and skilled nursing facilities.

Firmware Assistance

Instructions for upgrading firmware on Polycom VVX phones





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